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City Walk is looking good!

There’s not a lot of inventory available over at City Walk, it’s a pretty hot building right now! I imagine the residents are getting antsy to get their outdoor pool filled so they can soak up some rays and start enjoying their 12th floor deck.

City Walk is one of only a few condos in downtown St Paul that is connected to the Skyway system.  City Walk is also very close to the heart of the system, which means finding something interesting in the hidden network of tubes and tunnels is pretty quick.  To get the full benefit of the skyway system, I recommend exploring during the lunch hour when nearly every store in the Skyway is actually open.  Evenings and weekends? Well, it’s pretty hit or miss as to what will be open, and it’s really just used from getting around to different street level destinations.

We so lucky to have the skyway system during the winter, and during really hot summer days. From City Walk, you get to the Xcel Center without ever stepping outside!  You can also almost make it to the Saints Stadium too.  Just hop out at Barrio and walk the two blocks to the stadium.

But enough about the Skyway and more about City Walk…  The building is one of the first condos to be built downtown and was always used to be condos, not as an apartment conversion.  The location of the building is also pretty central.  There’s a Light Rail Transit station just two blocks north on Cedar that will take you straight to downtown Minneapolis and a Lund’s grocery store about 2.5 blocks north on Robert St.

It’s almost convenient enough to ditch your car!  However, being a condo built on top of a parking garage, means you can still have your car close at hand.

To see the available homes at City Walk, click the link below:
Condos for Sale in City Walk

IMGP1224-01 (Copy) IMGP1222-01 (Copy)IMGP1212-01 (Copy) IMGP1215-01 (Copy)




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