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Mark Your Calendar: June 14th - The Green Line Debut!

Blog - 2014 - 01-22 - LRT Coming Soon


As a Downtown resident, I can’t fully express how excited I am to finally see a start date for the new light rail.  June 14th, I may just need to celebrate.  Truth be told, I probably won’t use the LRT much, as I really don’t go to Minneapolis all that often.  However, I’m excited to see this project finally coming to an end.  Living a block away from the Cedar & 10th stop, we’ve dealt with some pretty intense construction issues (noise, power loss, road closures, etc).  Having the trains operational, I hope brings back some sense of normal to our little neighborhood.

I’m sure the train will be very popular for the Downtown residents that work in Minneapolis.  With Downtown St Paul being an easy commute (I said easy, not fast), this should help making working in MPLS and living in STP just a little bit easier.

What’s your take on the trains?

It's 2014 - Here's what we have to look forward to

Wow, where did 2013 go? Seriously, where did it go, it really seems like last year just flew by. 2014 looks to be a great year for Downtown Saint Paul – not just real estate wise, but neighborhood wise. Here’s my list of things to be excited for in 2014

  1. Saint Paul Winter Carnival, The nearly 130 year old celebration returns! Sure hope the Vulcan’s win the battle this year, as it’s awful cold already…
  2. Red Bull Crashed Ice returns! February 20th-22nd. This is such an amazing event to watch live. ProTip: Arrive very early to get a good spot along the boards. If you can also see the jumbo screen from that location, that’s an added bonus.
  3. Tin Whiskers Brewing Company – Coming in the second quarter to the Rossmor Building (taking over the old Lowertown Printing space). I’ve very excited to see a local brewery open in within walking distance to my condo at the Pointe!
  4. Lund’s grocery store. Should be opening this spring/summer in the newly built Penfield Apartments building. I’ve lived in downtown for over 10 years now, and I can’t stress enough how anticipated the opening of this store is. Not just for me either, I’ve talked to many downtown residents that are counting down the days until it opens.
  5. The launching of an all-new YourStPaulHome.com!  It’s been many years with the same look.  It’s time to mix it up a bit.
  6. Working with a whole new set of buyers looking for that perfect pad in downtown.  If you want to sell your downtown condo or loft, give me a call too 😉

New Aquarium Coming to Downtown?

The City of Saint Paul has secured a deal with a big name player in the aquarium world to build a new tourist-attracting aquarium in downtown St Paul. With the addition of the LRT, having a world class tank just makes sense. City leaders wanted a location that was close to the LRT tracks and already had some infrastructure ready to go.

The City found what they were looking for in the parking ramp at the Pointe of St Paul! According to City leaders, they believe with the addition of LRT, the residents at the Pointe won’t need to own cars anymore, so their parking ramp becomes an opportunity to bring in more people into the downtown area, helping businesses and residents alike.

Although, there was a slight kickback from the owners of the Pointe condominiums, the city took the ramp via eminent domain, citing the abundance in parking throughout downtown and the fact that residents can now sell their cars and exclusively take the bus, LRT, or NiceRide.

The mayor of Saint Paul had this to add “I want my terms as Mayor of this fine city to mean something, and I intend to make that happen. I’ve added two city-owned luxury apartment buildings, a grocery store, and now a soon to be world renowned aquarium.”


If you’ve managed to read through this whole blog post and not figured out this is a sarcastic reference to the Market House building losing their parking lot to build a ballpark, well… This is a sarcastic reference to the Market House building losing their owned parking lot, so the city can build a ballpark for the Saints.

The most amazing property in Downtown St Paul

Blog - 2013 - 11-04 - Bob's Place

I often get asked “What is the most amazing or most unique property in Downtown?” The expected response is some multi-level penthouse high in the clouds, but there’s a very interesting property just a stones throw from Lowertown, in the Wacouta Commons neighborhood that I feel is by far the most amazing property in all of downtown.

A few years ago, I received a private tour of this place by the owner and my jaw dropped.  It’s really the gem of downtown, and it really does not have an equal.  The only property that I can think that would be remotely similar is the Chicago Great Western Row Building on Kellogg, but with this property, you don’t have to deal with a pesky association.  You see, this is a stand-along property!

I remember when construction started on this, I was shocked that someone was finally fixing this old dilapidated building.  In fact, six and a half years ago, I blogged about it

Well, on to the goods – The owner of this home posted his Flickr set on facebook, so I asked him if I could share them with the rest of the free world.  Bob & Lynn, thanks for sharing 🙂

Click here for a tour!

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company coming to the Rossmor

Blog - 2013 - 10-30 - Tin Whiskers Brewing


Great news for beer lovers!  The neighborhood with a name no one knows (yet), has landed a tap room.  That’s right, Fitzgerald Park will soon add Tin Whiskers Brewing to its list of awesome new tenants.  Specifically, they are moving into the old Lowertown Printing Company location at the Rossmor, which has been on/off the market for several years now.

As a recent convert to the fancy beer world, I couldn’t be happier to welcome a small, local company to the neighborhood.  Can’t wait to walk down there for a beer or two and hopefully bring home a growler 🙂

Cheers to Tin Whiskers!


Rental Available Oct 1st: 7810th St #1510 at the Pointe

Teaser Pic

Great two bedroom, two full bathroom condo at the Pointe is coming available October 1st.  Wonderful view of the Cathedral with a private balcony.  Located in the amenity packed Pointe of Saint Paul on the 15th floor.

For more details or for a showing, call/text me.

New Water main for the Pointe & the Penfield

Blog - 2013 - 07-18 - New Water Main

Residents of the Pointe this week found themselves soaked in history. With construction of the Penfield coming along nicely, it was time to hook them up to City of St Paul water supply.  When the city was looking at the connection, they decided it was time make some upgrades to the old water main.

And by old, I mean OLD!  Rutheford B. Hayes was the president of the United States, it was 26 years after Saint Paul incorporated as a City, 3 years after Saint Paul disbanded the volunteer fire department in favor of a paid force, and the same year the recently relocated Hamline University started construction of their St Paul school.  In other news outside of St Paul, construction of the Panama Canal began, and Thomas Edison patented the incandescent lamp.

Give up?  1880, or roughly 133 years old.  I can’t imagine the original engineers for that water main thinking that up until now, the pipe they were laying would serve high rise condos…  Saint Paul’s history is always so fascinating to me!

Small Things You Can Do to Prep Your Condo For Sale

So, your condo is in pretty good condition, and you just need to freshen things up a bit, huh? Take a look at, and tackle this checklist. Your condo will be ready for showings before you know it!

o Put fresh paint on your walls! I recommend either Benjamin Moore 1577 “Arctic Gray” or 967 “Cloud White” for a neutral (but not boring) wall color.

o Do a walkthrough of the condo. Are there any small repairs that you’ve been overlooking over the years? Sliding door that doesn’t open/close properly, a rip in the screen, problems with tile or vinyl flooring, etc. Take care of these items. Remember, what may seem like “nothing” to you, might stand out, and seem like a big project to a home buyer.

o Wash your windows. Show off your gorgeous city view!

o Remove clutter. My general rule of thumb is that there should be 3 or fewer items on any surface. If you have more, pack them up (hey, you’ll have a head start on your packing when your condo sells!).

o Make sure the homebuyers can see how you utilize your space for storage. Make sure your laundry room, storage room, and closets are all organized and decluttered. You may need to pack up some items from these areas, too.

o If you have pets, make sure to get the carpets and upholstery cleaned. Even if you don’t think your house has a dog/cat odor, someone who doesn’t have a dog/cat will smell it immediately. Pet odor is one of the deadly sins that kill home sales.

o What is the other deadly sin that kills home sales, you ask? Smoking! If you smoke in your condo, stop…now!

One of the services I offer my clients, is to do a walk through prior to listing their place. My team and I will walk through your condo and help you determine what you need to do.

When you’re ready to go, call, text, or e-mail me!


Spring 2013 Guide To Prepping Your Condo For Sale Series:

Although it doesn’t exactly feel like it, Spring is right around the corner. You know what that means, don’t you?

Home buyers start coming out of the woodwork, looking for new places to live. Home buyers, you say? Yes! Even though the real estate market has been very slow for the past few years, I’ve noticed several trends that cause me to believe that we’re going to have faster home sales, at higher prices this Spring and Summer.  Here’s why:

333 condos for sale in 2008          –          189 condos for sale in 2012

Before the market took a dive, it was usual to have at least 100 units on the market at any given time in downtown.  As of 3/28/2013 at 8:56pm, there are 34 homes that are truly available for sale (50 units if you count the ones that are listed as active, but are contingent third party approval, etc).

Simply put, supply is down, people! You know what happens when supply goes down…demand goes up. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to sell your condo (so you don’t lose your tail on the sale), now just might be a good time. Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to offer tips on how to get your home ready, things to consider when selling, and how to determine a good price in a market where comparable sales are scarce.

Stay tuned!

My Open Letter to the Saint Paul City Council

My open letter that was sent to the Saint Paul City Council & Mayor Coleman.

I am writing to you today to bring light to an issue I feel needs to be addressed in regards to the Saints Stadium. You may or may not be aware, but the City is taking the privately owned parking lot of the Market House Condominium Association to build the stadium. This on it’s face is a stretch for the use of eminent domain in my opinion, but I believe there is a possible solution to keep the 55 homeowners at Market House that are having their owned parking taken from them.

A little more on the issue… There are no replaceable spots for them to purchase and with parking not being incorporated into the design of the stadium, the owners lose out on any benefit of having the Saints next door. They likely won’t even be able to park along Broadway once the stadium is complete. Meaning homeowners would have to carry groceries blocks to get it home. There is no other condo building in downtown that would have anything remotely as bad as this.

From my understanding, Ryan Companies has said the drawings from 2009 were being scrapped and new ones were going to be done. This is a prefect opportunity to incorporate a small sliver of land along the freeway where Market House residents could park.

I do not own a home at Market House, but as a Realtor that has sold many condos in this building and many others in downtown, I feel it’s my duty to make this issue be known. With parking stripped from the building, I fear we may seen another waive of foreclosures that will lower the values of their building and the surrounding buildings even further than the lows they’re at now. Owners will want to move because of the horrible parking situation and will simply walk away from their property since there will be no buyers that will pay anywhere near what the current owners have into them.

Councilmember Thune has told me he feels the same way as I do, but needs support in the Council to make something happen. I’m urging you to work with Mr Thune to see a reasonable solution be reached with the residents of Market House Condominium Association.


Bud Kleppe