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The Green Line is Finally Here in St Paul!

Blog - 2014 - 06-16 - Green Line Opening 2

After years of waiting and watching, the green line is finally here!

Saturday was the grand opening, with events all along the line. I didn’t make it to any of the events, but attempted to take a “joy ride” around 1:00pm. The trains were standing room only at the time we went (right about the time they cancelled the events because of the rain), so we decided not to go.

So, Sunday my family and I took the rails as far as we could go. We ended our trip at Target Field, which I must say is beautiful.  This was my first time to the new stadium.  I guess I need to watch a game there, now that I can’t complain about having to park in downtown.

Blog - 2014 - 06-16 - Green Line Opening 1

After reaching Target Field, our adventure wasn’t over.  We then headed down to the Northstar Commuter Rail platform and hopped on the big train.  As part of the Green Line festivities, they were doing free train rides from Target Field to Big Lake, and all stops in-between.  Just between us, Big Lake isn’t really a destination city…  When we returned to Target Field we decided to have dinner in downtown Minneapolis.  I think that was my first time in 10 years having dinner in the “other” downtown.

Blog - 2014 - 06-16 - Green Line Opening 3

The return trip back on the Green Line was less crowded so we could see all the destinations along the route and we’re already planning our next trips.

Are you looking for something to do alone the line? Check out www.onthegreenline.com , a really good resource that lists all the businesses, restaurants, theaters, etc. along the line. What’s my favorite business? Saint Paul Home Realty, of course! We’re located at the first stop, right across from Union Depot.

What have you done along the line so far? Post your stories or links below!

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