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A Better Post-Saints Game Food List

Blog - 2015 - 06-04 Saints Food

Did you see the article City Pages posted about the best places to eat after Saints games? Go ahead, read it. I’ll wait…

What do you think? I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that I disagree with 7/11 of their list. Call me crazy, but escargot bourguignons doesn’t scream “baseball food.”

I’ve created my own “baseball food” list. My list includes my favorite places that I consider easy walking distance from the stadium. The borders are from Lafayette to Minnesota St, and from 7th St. to Kellogg. Here we go:

Alary’s – Bar pizza, beer, darts, and a huge patio. This is a great place to celebrate a Saints win! As an added bonus, they run a free shuttle to the games.

Barrio – Tacos and tequila. Need I say more? They make some seriously good guac, too.

Blackdog – A great place to kick back, have a cup of coffee or wine, and have some good conversation. My favorite thing on the menu? The black bean and cheese quesadillas. Mmm!

Bulldog – One word: Tots! This place has a great beer selection, great menu, and shuffleboard.

Golden’s Lowertown – Not just for lunch anymore! Live music, good food, and open late.

Gopher Bar – Cheap beer and Coney Dogs. Cash only and don’t you dare ask for no onions on your dog!

Heartland – Sit in the bar area for a more casual experience. Mmm, fancy corndogs!

Kelly’s Depot Bar – Hate to call it a dive bar, but… Still a great place for a burger & beer. Downtown’s hidden gem.

Rival House – Get the competitive spirit started early, or keep the fun going after the game. Skee-ball, ping pong, bubble hockey, board games…need I say more? Oh, the menu is pretty good, too.

Red Savoy’s Pizza – Looking for no frills, old school pizza? This is the joint! Don’t get me wrong, I love a wood/coal fired pizza as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just need that kick in the sauce that is only found in a Savoy’s pizza.

There you have it, my list of post-baseball food places. Do you think I missed anything? What’s your favorite?

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