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Animation of LRT through Downtown

A great animation showing how the LRT (Light Rail Train) will make it’s way into Lowertown.

Lowertown loses its muscle

Click for larger image

The time has come.  The muscle must go.  This odd 22′ tall steel sculpture was in the way of the entrance doors of the future light rail maintenance shed and it’s being relocated.  I know art is subjective, but I never understood this one.  The even stranger part of the whole deal, […]

If Lowertown’s a rock’n, don’t come a knock’n – wait…

Take that back, please do come a knock’n!

More interesting news coming out of Lowertown!  A while back I posted about Bin Win Bar coming, and also some musings of a super secret night club/bar, well now it’s got a name Club Louie (a sort of Dakota Jazz Club for this side of the river).

The real […]

Moving on up, to the Lowertown side!

I’m happy to announce that Saint Paul Home Realty is growing!  We are expanding our office and with that comes a change of scenery!  Our new office will be located in the Gilbert Building on Wacouta (across the street from River Park Lofts & behind Bulldog Lowertown).

We are really excited about the move and hope […]

Lowertown Recession Proof?

OK, maybe that’s a bit of a dramatic title, but after Bulldog Lowertown and Barrio find smashing success in Lowertown, in comes another!

I’m going to out on a limb and say that this establishment will specialize in Wine – just a guess though ;).

So with the addition of bin, that leaves 5 restaurants right around […]

It has begun!

Yesterday it started with lane closures, today is full blown work.  The city is prepping themselves for the eventual light rail that will be snaking its way into Lowertown.  So the city is tearing up the streets and moving utility lines so when they lay the track, it all goes smoothly.

Here’s to 5 years of continual construction!

Light rail trains WILL roll throught the heart of Lowertown

I’m not going to add much to this other than my personal distaste for this plan.  I am very disappointed the Trains are going to run all the way down 4th in the Diamond Products building.  I’ve already laid out my opposition to this, and I am willing to bet this is not my last […]