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River Park Lofts in Lowertown is now a FHA Approved Condo!

You heard it here first!  River Park Lofts is now a FHA Approved building!  This brings Downtown St Paul’s HUD approved buildings to 8.  This by far is the best news I’ve heard all year (I had to use that line at least once).  On a serious note, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 19 – Sushi? Here? Really?

Blog - 2010 - 06-01 Sushi Bar

It’s an interesting idea – a sushi bar extravaganza with rooftop access. I know a lot of money is going into the building, but I believe a lion’s share is going to fix the parking ramp, which was condemned by the city for a bit.  Originally, this was going to be River Park Lofts Phase Two – […]

RPL = River Park Leaks?

I’ve heard from two different people now that River Park is having issues with the roof and a water infiltration problem.  Personally, I would rate water as the number one issue any condo building has to deal with.  Water likes to make its way to the ground, and the taller the building, the bigger the […]

Ramp Issues at River Park Lofts....Again

I reported about the problems with River Park Lofts (RPL) connected parking ramp some time ago, and it looks like there are problems once again.  The ramp is actually not owned by the condo association (which is a good thing), but they do have to access the ramp to get to the upper level of the new parking […]

River Park Lofts Wide Open

On my morning walk to work, I heard the River Park Lofts garage door buzzer going off for what seemed like an eternity.  When I rounded the corner, this is what I saw…From the looks of it, I think the door fell off when it was open, leading me to believe someone hit it while exiting.  I […]

River Park Lofts Update

The bridge between Lowertown and Downtown.  One of the recognized historical buildings located in Lowertown, but connected to the skyway system, this building offers a lot of bang for the buck.  River Park Lofts starting marketing the old Lowertown Business Center about 2 1/2 years ago and now the first residents have finally moved in.  […]