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My Open Letter to the Saint Paul City Council

My open letter that was sent to the Saint Paul City Council & Mayor Coleman.

I am writing to you today to bring light to an issue I feel needs to be addressed in regards to the Saints Stadium. You may or may not be aware, but the City is taking the privately owned parking lot […]

FHA Approval status in limbo for a few buildings

With the new rules regarding FHA financing of condominiums, comes the first wave of re-ups. In the past, once a building was approved for FHA financing, it was set for life – Not any longer.   HUD figured out that over 20+ years, sometimes financials change in a building.  Now buildings are required to […]

MarketHouse is stepping up!

Blog - 2010 - 08-12 - Market House Steps

You know how much I love cheesy titles to blog posts, and I couldn’t help myself.  After many years of neglect, the amazing cast iron stairs of MarketHouse were closed in 2006.  Plywood was used to cover the entrance to keep people from falling through the rusted out stairs.  Well, over the course of 4 […]