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My Open Letter to the Saint Paul City Council

My open letter that was sent to the Saint Paul City Council & Mayor Coleman.

I am writing to you today to bring light to an issue I feel needs to be addressed in regards to the Saints Stadium. You may or may not be aware, but the City is taking the privately owned parking lot […]

Double Rainbow across the sky!

I know, I know – I shouldn’t be making fun of the double rainbow guy.  And I know you all think I’ve probably been out on my own “trip” since I haven’t posted a new blog post in eons.  If you follow me on twitter, I’ve been posting some of my musings there more.

As much […]

River Park Lofts in Lowertown is now a FHA Approved Condo!

You heard it here first!  River Park Lofts is now a FHA Approved building!  This brings Downtown St Paul’s HUD approved buildings to 8.  This by far is the best news I’ve heard all year (I had to use that line at least once).  On a serious note, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 29: Black Sheep Pizza

When I was showing my awesome listing at the Rossmor last night (you can find it here), I noticed that workers were banging away in the soon-to-be coal fired pizzeria. Is it too early for me to wait in line? I’m always a sucker for a good pizza.

I still haven’t heard when they […]

New Listing at the Rossmor Building #313

Great new listing at the Rossmor building, and a great price to boot!  $130,000 is all it takes to claim this spacious 900sf authentic loft.  One of only a few floor plans that allows for separation of living/sleeping space from the kitchen/dining area.  For the full listing, click here.

FHA Approval status in limbo for a few buildings

With the new rules regarding FHA financing of condominiums, comes the first wave of re-ups. In the past, once a building was approved for FHA financing, it was set for life – Not any longer.   HUD figured out that over 20+ years, sometimes financials change in a building.  Now buildings are required to […]

Want a great deal on a super cheap loft?

A foreclosure unit at the Rossmor on the 2nd floor came back on the market (first buyer walked).  If you are interested shoot me an email or give me a call.  It won’t last long on the market again.

FHA Rejects Two Buildings Downtown

Shocking news in the world of FHA financing!  HUD (the Department of Housing and Urban Development) has rejected two buildings in downtown.  Great Norther Lofts and The Rossmor both sought FHA approval for their buildings, and both were shot down.

Great Northern Lofts is the most curious one as it’s a very financially sound building.  In […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 26: Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizzeria

Yes, you heard that right, coal fired pizza! I’ve been hearing rumors for weeks about this Minneapolis establishment looking for a St Paul home and now it’s been confirmed. The Rossmor is getting a new commercial tenant to fill the void on 10th & Robert streets.

As more info becomes available, I’ll post it […]

MarketHouse is stepping up!

Blog - 2010 - 08-12 - Market House Steps

You know how much I love cheesy titles to blog posts, and I couldn’t help myself.  After many years of neglect, the amazing cast iron stairs of MarketHouse were closed in 2006.  Plywood was used to cover the entrance to keep people from falling through the rusted out stairs.  Well, over the course of 4 […]