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Add Printers Row to the list of FHA Approved buildings!

Sure, the exterior just got a fresh coat of paint, but the improvements at Printers Row are more than skin deep.  Behind the scenes, the building sought and received FHA approval from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

What’s this mean to you?  As a buyer, you can now buy in this building using FHA […]

The First Signs of Winter in Downtown

For me, I know winter is fast approaching when I see that Downtown’s only lake, Lake Temperance has frozen over.  Mark the date in your calendar, it’s official folks 😉

And what building is so lucky to front Lake Temperance?  Well it’s none other than Printers Row!  a great 44 unit building in the Wacouta Commons […]

Printers Row gains some breathing room


And you thought I had disappeared!  It’s been a busy summer and I’m getting back on the blogging horse so to speak.

Aeon (formerly Central Community Housing Trust) has closing on their loan and has started consturction (demolition) in earnest.  Now that the old Lowertown Bike Depot has been razed, abatement for lead and asbestos will […]

Renaissance Box moving forward

Blog - 2010 - 06-08 Renaissance Box

While the groundbreaking was almost a year ago, the pieces are finally coming together.  Aeon will be closing on the construction loan by the end of the month, and that’s when the real action will begin.  First up:  Tearing down the former loading dock theater and the bicycle shop between the Ren Box and Printers […]