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Gallery Tower Condominium halfway through their elevator modernization project

Gallery Tower Condos is almost ready to flip the switch on their new elevator.  They’ll then take dthe remaining original elevator out of service, and before you can say “Taking the stairs is hard work”, the elevators will be fully modernized – hopefully not needing to be touched for another 30+ years.

I’m excited to see […]

FHA Rejects Two Buildings Downtown

Shocking news in the world of FHA financing!  HUD (the Department of Housing and Urban Development) has rejected two buildings in downtown.  Great Norther Lofts and The Rossmor both sought FHA approval for their buildings, and both were shot down.

Great Northern Lofts is the most curious one as it’s a very financially sound building.  In […]

UPDATE: Gallery Tower assesses $1.37 Million.

We knew it was coming, but it still stings.  Due letters are being mailed out next month with a due date of October 1st.  I kind of assumed the association would offer some type of payment plan.

Big Assessment Coming for Gallery Tower

Before you read any further, I want to make this very clear. This assessment that Gallery is getting ready to enact is absolutely necessary and it’s a good thing. With any assessment of this size, there’s going to be some heartburn that goes along with it. But Gallery has made the right […]