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City Walk is looking good!

There’s not a lot of inventory available over at City Walk, it’s a pretty hot building right now! I imagine the residents are getting antsy to get their outdoor pool filled so they can soak up some rays and start enjoying their 12th floor deck.

City Walk is one of only a few condos in downtown […]

Limited Common Elements: What You Need To Know

Minnesota State Statue 515.B defines a limited common element as elements that are designated for the exclusive use of the unit owner(s) of the unit or units to which the limited common elements are allocated…

So what exactly does that mean?  Well, normal examples of a Limited Common Element (LCE) would be a balcony/patio, your windows […]

New Listing at the Pointe! #2809


Fantastic new listing at the Pointe of St Paul!  Spacious two bedroom, one bath with in-unit laundry.  Located on the 28th floor, this corner unit has amazing views.  The Pointe features some the best amenities in town!  Indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, fitness center, club room, guest suite, sun deck, and tennis court make living […]

New Water main for the Pointe & the Penfield

Residents of the Pointe this week found themselves soaked in history. With construction of the Penfield coming along nicely, it was time to hook them up to City of St Paul water supply.  When the city was looking at the connection, they decided it was time make some upgrades to the old water main.

And by […]

My Open Letter to the Saint Paul City Council

My open letter that was sent to the Saint Paul City Council & Mayor Coleman.

I am writing to you today to bring light to an issue I feel needs to be addressed in regards to the Saints Stadium. You may or may not be aware, but the City is taking the privately owned parking lot […]

Electric Car vs Condo Association

As the automotive world progresses and the electric car continues to improve (the Tesla Model S was named Motor Tend’s 2013 Car of the Year), and more electric cars being made available to the general public (Money.com said that Chevrolet Volt sales tripled in 2012), leads us to a dilemma.  Where does a condo owner charge […]

Emergency Planning: it's not just for Dec 21, 2012

Condo living – easy living at it’s finest.  Normally that’s a pretty true statement.  The Pointe of St Paul experienced a electrical interruption that should be a wake up call to all condo owners.  Do you have an Emergency Plan?  What would you do if your building lost power for an extended period of time? […]

Add Printers Row to the list of FHA Approved buildings!

Sure, the exterior just got a fresh coat of paint, but the improvements at Printers Row are more than skin deep.  Behind the scenes, the building sought and received FHA approval from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

What’s this mean to you?  As a buyer, you can now buy in this building using FHA […]

The Hot List is Back!

OK, there’s a smoking deal right now, but as required – I can’t openly tell you about this great value.

I’d put this unit more in the “great investment” category than to actually live in, but I’m not going to dissuade someone wanting to buy it as an owner-occupied home.

What makes this […]

Gallery Tower Condominium halfway through their elevator modernization project

Gallery Tower Condos is almost ready to flip the switch on their new elevator.  They’ll then take dthe remaining original elevator out of service, and before you can say “Taking the stairs is hard work”, the elevators will be fully modernized – hopefully not needing to be touched for another 30+ years.

I’m excited to see […]