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Tin Whiskers Brewing Company coming to the Rossmor


Great news for beer lovers!  The neighborhood with a name no one knows (yet), has landed a tap room.  That’s right, Fitzgerald Park will soon add Tin Whiskers Brewing to its list of awesome new tenants.  Specifically, they are moving into the old Lowertown Printing Company location at the Rossmor, which has been on/off the […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 32: In a Blink, it's gone!

OK, so it was here longer than a blink, but the Scottish sandwich shop, Blink Bonnie was served papers to vacate their last St Paul location on 7th & Wacouta this week.

It’s been kind of a staple of downtown lunch for quite some time, so it’s sad to see them go.

Hopefully, we won’t have to […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 31: Bull Sheep St Paul

You heard it here first folks, I’m opening a new restaurant in downtown. With my years of nosey rumor reporting about restaurant happenings in downtown st paul over the years, I felt it was time to have my own kitchen!

And what’s lacking in downtown as far as restaurants go? A Middle Eastern restaurant of […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 30: Black Sheep Pizza

Well, I was right about the time frame!   Black Sheep Pizza in St Paul is having their grand opening March 7th. Bring your wallets and an appetite for pizza 🙂

I found my way inside to chat with Jordan, the man behind the pie.  He seems pretty happy about the location with or without […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 29: Black Sheep Pizza

When I was showing my awesome listing at the Rossmor last night (you can find it here), I noticed that workers were banging away in the soon-to-be coal fired pizzeria. Is it too early for me to wait in line? I’m always a sucker for a good pizza.

I still haven’t heard when they […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 28: Chilango Cantina

Not so much a rumor, as printed fact. Rebecca Illingworth, owner of Bin Wine Bar is planning on opening a new Mexican Restaurant on the boarder of Lowertown on East 7th Street. Still not sure which building she’s thinking about, as they’re a few spaces available on 7th. Could be in the […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 27: Skyway, Eat Fresh!

I know, I don’t normally follow the opening and closings of skyway restaurants, but it’s on my walking path to and from the office.  Pretty sure this is going to be another Subway restaurant located in the 401 Building (Securian), right next to McDonald’s and the police station outpost.  It’s actually the old location of […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 26: Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizzeria

Yes, you heard that right, coal fired pizza! I’ve been hearing rumors for weeks about this Minneapolis establishment looking for a St Paul home and now it’s been confirmed. The Rossmor is getting a new commercial tenant to fill the void on 10th & Robert streets.

As more info becomes available, I’ll post it […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 25: Bin Wine Bar Beta Testing

Blog - 2010 - 09-21 Bin Beta Testers Needed

Summer’s not over yet (I don’t care what your calendar told you) and here’s my proof!  The City is installing a test section of the much hyped 6th street outdoor patio concept.  Originally, the restaurants and the City were pushing for a permanent concrete extension, forever removing all parking from 6th street.  This week, they are […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 24: Stella's Fish Cafe for Lowertown?

Straight out of the rumor mill comes news that Stella’s Fish Cafe is looking to expand outside of Mineapolis (a popular trend these days).  Word had it, they are looking at the space between Barrio and Bin Wine Bar on 6th Street in Lowertown.  There’s even rumors they are talking about utilizing the rooftop somehow.

I’m […]