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Rental Available Oct 1st: 7810th St #1510 at the Pointe

Great two bedroom, two full bathroom condo at the Pointe is coming available October 1st.  Wonderful view of the Cathedral with a private balcony.  Located in the amenity packed Pointe of Saint Paul on the 15th floor.

For more details or for a showing, call/text me.

Rental Caps: Pros & Cons for an Association

Back in 2010, I put together a blog post of the challenges facing condo associations.  Well, I thought I’d bring back one of the challenges that still persists today.

It’s no secret that we’re still in a slump – However, I would be remiss to mention the recent increased buyer activity and dare I say “appreciation”?  Even with […]

Farmers Market Flats: Full Steam Ahead

When the City wants to see a project completed, nothing will stand in its way!  The Farmers Market Flats (or whatever name it’s going by now) has been a glimmer in the City’s eye for a LONG time.  It’s gone though a few developers, and finally the City just took the reigns.  Once going to be […]

CURSED! Farmers Market Flats project in trouble again

Yeah, I know it’s not condos (current plan is/was for apartments), but the Farmers Market Flats still has a place in my heart. I worked with the Developer back in 2007 to bring it to fruition. It was painful to watch that project go down in flames – not to mention the lost […]

Developer looking for "Pioneer's" for a new urban living experience

Ahh me and my titles, I sure do love to have fun with them. As the title suggests, I hear Pak Properties is in negotiations to buy the famed and vacant Pioneer Building on 4th & Robert Streets.  Rumor has it, Richard Pakonen (the developer behind the Produce Exchange, the Rossmor, and the Lowry) […]

Uncle Bud needs a few good rentals!

Blog - 2010 - 09-09 Uncle Buds Calling

Sure you’ve heard of Uncle Sam and Uncle Ben, but this is Uncle Bud!  And he needs your condo to rent!

OK, now that I’ve had my fun.  I am getting crushed with rental requests, and I’m running out of places to put these hardworking people.  My phone has been ringing off the hook with people […]

Rentals on the MLS for the Twin Cities

It’s finally here, rentals are finally on the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, or better know as “the MLS”.  This move will make rentals much easier to find, and much easier to rent – a mvoe I’ve been advocating for, for the last 4 years!

Soon, we will have rentals searchable from our own site, […]