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Want a Lund's Downtown St Paul? Better start praying!

It’s starting to look like the final nail is in place for the Lund’s & Penfield development.  Money they were planing to use, is no longer available and the City and the developer are having a hard time securing financing.  From my understanding, the hammer drops this fall if a money source isn’t located.

Truth be […]

Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 8 - Additional Images

My google alerts found me a interesting little nugget on the Penfield project. More Images! Here’s the link to check out the new shots of the building.


Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 7 - Engineering Study

Ohh, action on the site! There were two separate rigs on the site doing borings. This is probably some of the best action on the site since the old sales trailer went up. I’m pretty confident this was related to the project as they were on both sides of the old police […]

Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 6 - Time Line

There’s something to be said about being in the right place and the right time…

I was invited to the Wild home opener last week and while at the game, I bumped into the developer of the Penfield! Had a little chat with him and the progress they are making. The City is officially […]

Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 5 – New design!

Blog - 2010 - 08-16 - The Penfield

Out of left field comes word that The Penfield project is alive and kicking again.  The design is scaled back again, but still looks complete to me.  It’s no longer the amazing skyline changing building that it once was, but you can’t beat having a Lund’s a stone’s throw away.

What’s peculiar is the addition of […]

Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 4 – HRA Approved!

Click for larger image

So tonight was the night after all!  The Scheduled HRA meeting was almost postponed because two council members couldn’t make it and they needed 4 of the seven in support.  The drama all day has been it was thought to be 3-1 voting.

I don’t want to know what […]

Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 3 – HRA Meeting on Wednesday

More and more news has been coming lately about the Penfield project.  This time from the Star Trib.  They reported today that HRA is taking a lead role in the project.

Read more about it here.

Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 2 – Two Phases?

Two parts of juicy gossip for you…  First off, I hear that the idea of a hotel is not exactly off the plate.  They may be leaving room on the site for a second phase!  When the condos went away, I really liked the idea of a mixed use site, with the Hotel, apartments, and […]

Penfield Rumor Report Vol. 1 – It’s Alive!

I’ve decided to handle news and rumors coming from the Penfield project just a little bit different than most development news and reports.  Since the developers are pretty tight-lipped as of late, some of the info I am receiving is a bit “off-the-cuff”

So it seems only fitting to style it […]

Changes at the Penfield

OK, here’s the latest from the rumor mill…

I’ve been hearing about this for awhile now, but the rumors of a hotel being added to the development look like that might be the option that saves the development.

The Penfield was designed with two separate cores, allowing the condos on one side and the hotels on the […]