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Limited Common Elements: What You Need To Know

Minnesota State Statue 515.B defines a limited common element as elements that are designated for the exclusive use of the unit owner(s) of the unit or units to which the limited common elements are allocated…

So what exactly does that mean?  Well, normal examples of a Limited Common Element (LCE) would be a balcony/patio, your windows […]

The most amazing property in Downtown St Paul

I often get asked “What is the most amazing or most unique property in Downtown?” The expected response is some multi-level penthouse high in the clouds, but there’s a very interesting property just a stones throw from Lowertown, in the Wacouta Commons neighborhood that I feel is by far the most amazing property in all […]

New Water main for the Pointe & the Penfield

Residents of the Pointe this week found themselves soaked in history. With construction of the Penfield coming along nicely, it was time to hook them up to City of St Paul water supply.  When the city was looking at the connection, they decided it was time make some upgrades to the old water main.

And by […]

Electric Car vs Condo Association

As the automotive world progresses and the electric car continues to improve (the Tesla Model S was named Motor Tend’s 2013 Car of the Year), and more electric cars being made available to the general public (Money.com said that Chevrolet Volt sales tripled in 2012), leads us to a dilemma.  Where does a condo owner charge […]

Not even Metro Transit is immune to the LRT construction

The 10th Street crossing over Cedar Avenue has been closed for months and just re-opened over the weekend.  I drove it yesterday just to see how tight it was.  In my car, I had to take care as it was a very sharp turn.  I mentioned to my wife, that it was just a matter […]

Listen to your mother

If you live downtown, there’s really no excuse anymore. The Farmers’ Market is open Saturday & Sunday morning with all sorts of extremely fresh produce that is locally grown.

What’s that you say? You can’t get up that early on the weekend? Well, I hate to break it to you, but the Farmers’ […]

Recent Storms and Downtown Survivability

After Minneapolis’s beating last night and the complete devastation in Joplin, MO the myth of urban areas being untouchable has been shattered.

It reminds me a bit of the Mother’s Day storm of 2003 that hit Downtown St Paul with 70+MPH winds. Windows blown out and debris everywhere. When severe storms hit in a […]

How to travel Downtown St Paul successfully in a snow storm.

When cars get stuck in the middle of the street and buses need to be pulled up hills by tow trucks, what’s the best way to travel the city?

Go old school that how! Cross Country Skiing!

Kind of surprised I didn’t see a dog sled team last night or today.

How do you get around when […]

From the Archives: HO6 policies are worth their weight in gold!

A great article from November 09 about the importance of a HO6 Policy. With the impending super cold weather coming, I thought this would be a great time for a reminder.

With the recent rash of malfunctioning sprinkler heads in downtown, it’s time to address the often overlooked insurance that will Cover Your Assets…  It’s […]

It's snowing in Lowertown, again

And I love it!  This is one of the joys of living and working in Downtown St Paul. While others are fretting over their evening commute, I can sit at my desk and enjoy the snow globe-like beauty. I don’t worry about how long my commute will be. My walk is never […]