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Pedro Building comes down - brick by brick

Not as glamorous as being imploded or being stricken down by the wrath of a wrecking ball, but the Pedro Building is finally coming down – brick by brick.

I’m not entirely sure as to why they chose this method of demolition.  Maybe there was some environmental issues to deal with?

At any rate, the building is coming down to make way […]

Demolition of the Pedro Luggage Building Coming Soon!

On March 18th, the first step in a new city park will take shape in the demolition of the Pedro Luggage Building on 10th St & Robert St.

The Pedro (Pea-dro) family generously donated their building and land to the City of St Paul in order to help get the park build. The park was […]

New Business Alert: BioMedix Vascular Solutions

I’ve been sitting on this new for far too long!  BioMedix is planning relocated to Wacouta Commons in the first quarter of next year.  Have you been wondering what’s going on, well here’s your answer.  The company employs over 100 people, but about half are traveling sales reps.  Should be a great addition to the […]

The Essex on the Park is now FHA Approved!

Blog - 2010 - 07-02 The Essex is FHA Approved!

Thanks for the tip Justin!  As more and more buildings become FHA approved, it’s even more important for the holdouts to get approved as well!  I know of two buildings downtown right now that are basically unfinanceable.  If these buildings would seek FHA approval, they’d know what they need to do in order to make […]

The water flows in the Downtown Parks!

I can’t really think of a crumbier day to turn the water on, but it seems like the city of St Paul got to the water spigot a little sooner this year than last.

Thinking of all the parks downtown with water features got me thinking… Which park has the best water feature and why? […]

Restaurant Rumor Report Vol. 18 - Faces Mears Park + more

I’m starting to dig this mini restaurant war we are having in Downtown, but am growing concerned that these new restaurants might be fighting over just a bit too small of a market.

Faces Mears Park (the former LoTo space) is planning to open in Mid June, and they are already underway with the transformation. […]

Fitzgerald Park No More

Did I scare ya?  Well, don’t be frightened, that’s a good thing!  A major stakeholder in the developer of what was once Fitzgerald Park has donated their land to the City of Saint Paul.  There were a few conditions that went with the donation.  1.  The land must always be used as a park (hopefully, […]

Wacouta Commons: Action soon?

Anyone who lives in Wacouta Commons knows that Lake Temperance has a tendency to dry out.  Sounds like a solution is in the works!  Instead of a dry lake bed, the once Printers Row Phase II will be irrigated and sod laid to make a temporary park while the original developer waits for the market to […]

Fitzgerald Park one step closer!

Monday was a pretty big day for the boosters of Fitzgerald Park (myself included), as the Mayor included $100,000 design and engineering grant to get the wheels moving on Fitzgerald Park!  Now before you start naming your kids Fitz in honor of the new park, we still have some hurdles to tackle.

City Council needs to […]

Fitzgerald Park a go . . . . Sort of

You just about have to peel me off the ceiling right now!  After many years of meetings, campaigning, and all out street fighting, it looks like Fitzgerald Park is moving forward!

A few weeks ago there was an important meeting before the CIB (Capital Improvement Board) where the Fitzgerald Park was up for a funding request of […]